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Visa Renewal Information

Procedures and regulations in regard to evaluating and processing visa applications, and requests for visa renewal, may differ in each US embassy and consulate; likewise, the application and eligibility criteria vary around the world. Travellers planning to visit the US should contact the embassy or consulate in their own country for up to date information as to procedures, waiting times and eligibility.

The example below is based on the current criteria for visa renewal in Argentina and is intended solely for illustrative purposes:

  • Some Argentine passport-holders may be eligible for renewal of a US visa
  • Some categories of visa may be renewed by post rather than by personal visit to the embassy or consulate
  • Applicants will only be issued a renewal of the same class of visa originally held, which must still be valid or have expired less than one year previous to the renewal application
  • The visa for which renewal is sought must have been issued in Buenos Aires on or before August 10, 2007
  • The applicant must allow embassy or consulate officials to take his or her fingerprints
  • Applicants who have lost a US visa, who have previously been refused any class of US visa, or whose previous visas have been stolen or revoked within the last ten years, are ineligible
  • Applicants who have lost a passport or had one stolen within the last ten years are ineligible

Please note that granting or renewing visas by post is at the discretion of officials at the US embassy or consulate, regardless of whether the applicant meets the criteria prevailing in his or her country. Consular officials are entitled to require applicants to attend a personal interview.


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